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At the Farm | Ko morakeng

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Tswana - english bilingual african book
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Which animals do we find at the farm? 

Ke dife diphologolo tse re di bonang ko morakeng?

This dual-language board book catering for both English and Tswana aims to answer this very question and more. Imagine travelling with your child to explore the type of animals one might find at a farm and learning their names in TWO different languages! All this without having to step on cow poo, eewww, or leave the comfort of your home.

This is a great way to seamlessly introduce your bilingual child to Setswana and English as well as the diversity of sounds that comes with pronounciation of the different animal names. 

Follow on from this book by exploring animals found in the African Savannah with our In the Savannah - Ko nageng book from the same collection.

Age 0-5 years

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