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In the Savannah | Ko nageng

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African Savannah bilingual childrens picture book
African bilingual diverse childrens picture books
bilingual childrens diverse board picture books
African children reading bilingual board books

Learning one language can be tricky enough but adding another language such as Setswana can be a challenge that is why Losika Writes created this dual-language book that caters for both Setswana and English.

With their engaging and cheeky illustrations of the Savannah animals, our picture books make early learning of diverse languages enjoyable for your little one. This book is suited for gradual introduction or full immersion into learning Setswana and is a great starting place to build stories about the African Savannah.

Go on and start to teach your child Setswana (simolola go ruta ngwana Setswana), a beautiful language from Botswana and South Africa. 

Follow on from this book by exploring animals found in the African farm with our At the Farm- ko morakeng book from the same collection.

Age 0-5 years

Customer Reviews

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Losika writes: customer service

Amazing service!!! Seriously, as a last minute present buyer (hope this will change one day...haha!) Losika writes came to my rescue. With their top notch service they delivered my order on time and nicely wrapped. All I had to do was rock up to the party.

The "in the savannah: ko nageng" book was a perfect present for a 3 year old who is so into reading... best time to teach kids about cultural awareness, diversity and languages.

I would recommend this brand anytime.

-Mai :)

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