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The danger of a single story

losika writes

Setswana children's picture books

Do the books around you reflect the world we live in?

Do you have 📚 about diverse cultures, foods, religions/faiths, races in your house? 🤔
Do you ever explore different stores, listen to different music in your house hold? 
If not, why is that🤔?

The danger of a single story is not only about believing one narrative about a country, people or race eg Africa is all about poverty, Nigerians run online romantic scams or Africans in Australia are involved in African gangs to name a few common sterotypes/single stories.

Another dangerous single story is one YOU write by not exposing yourself or your kids to other cultures or narratives about other people around them.

How do we then want our kids to be more accepting of the differences we all bring to this beautiful world if we don't teach them to appreciate these differences?

How do we expect them to behave when they see these differences for the first time when we are out in public?

We should understand that if we don't teach them tolerance or acceptance, their peers may teach them the exact oppsite .

So start now by learning, in any way possible, about the different people we share this world with and most importantly sharing these multiple stories with your young ones to open their eyes to the world.

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