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Reading to little ones

losika writes

African boy reading bilingual books 

When should I start to read to my child?

I don’t think there you can be too early to read to your child really. People have often played classical music to their bellies so I guess you can start reading to them then too. After babies are born, their vision is pretty poor but their hearing is much better, so they get to appreciate the different sounds you make as you read to them. As their vision improves, the brightly coloured pictures as well as the changing tones of the voice make the world a more interesting place.

Why board books?

Have you ever tried to read a newspaper holding a toddler? The drool, food and little fingers are enough to tear or destroy any simple paper books. Board books are almost toddler/infant proof (almost is the key word here hehe). With board books especially those that are glossy, you can wipe them clean and use them over and over. They are also easier for little ones to turn pages as they are not as fine as normal paper. Board books tend to weigh more and are more expensive to print and transport around the world so they tend to cost a bit more than simple books. However, because of the quality, you expect that they would last a lot longer than simple, fine paper books.

So please support Losika Writes and our vision to share our beautiful languages with little ones from infancy and not just from school going age. It would mean a lot to us if you could comment, like or share widely too *hint hint*

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