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Perseverance works

Teah Mogae

Open the door, it may lead you to someplace you never expected....

As a medical mum 👩🏽‍⚕️ who has a vision to have all kids living in the diaspora proudly fluent in their native tongues, I have had to knock on a few 🚪s to share my dream and try to make it reality.

Sure, some haven't opened YET, I am still patiently waiting 😉, excuse the medical pun 😜😊.

Some doors have been opened only to be closed shut in my face 😩because
- who cares for those languages? Err me 😉
- there is no market for those books as those people don't read kids books in vernacular 
- unless you publish with major companies we can't help you 
-what is special about you? Err EVERYTHING🤣😂

Some doors have opened without me knocking which is ALWAYS a great suprise.

Some doors have opened and I stepped in tentatively and now excited by the prospects of things yet to come. 😛😜

My WHY is HUGE I will keep knocking until I get what I am working for. 

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